Analysis Of The Chronicle Of High Education, Evildoers And Us By Alan Wolfe

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The unprecedented events of September 11, 2001 changed the way many Americans view American Muslims. The events brought Muslims into the national and international spotlight but with a new intensity. From the outside, the new intensity of the post-9/11 public pressures reinforced the already existing differences between the Western World and the Islamic World. This self and collective soul-searching raised many questions: How have American Muslims managed their identities as Muslims and Americans? How is American Muslim identities being articulated and received by non-Muslim Americans at numerous levels of society? To what extent are the processes that have to do with identity, giving way to a critical engagement of religious pluralism…show more content…
More specifically, Patel focus is on the religious identities of young people in a world made up of many religious identities and secular outlooks and argues that religious programs and people can make a difference. These programs can be the right influence for today’s youth in a significantly positive way. On page 12 of the book Patel writes: “How does one ordinary young person’s commitment to a religion turn into a suicide mission and other ordinary young person’s commitment to that same faith become an organization devoted to pluralism? The answer, I believe, lies in the influences young people have, the programs and people who shape their religious identities.” (Acts of Faith Patel page 12)

From the reading, Patel sets out to not only convince people that programs and personal can shape student’s lives of all ages but also to give the reader some insight into the ways that programs and initiatives can be successful. In the book Patel presents his own life story, which focuses on his development of faith during his childhood, college years, teaching experience, and the founding of the Interfaith Youth Core. Patel’s stories are interwoven and are reflective reactions to the world around him trying to puzzle through the challenges and struggles in order to balance and harmonize with the incompatible relations among his personal, family, social, and most importantly his religious identities that are “no doubt” linked to his growing
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