Analysis Of The Cinderella Man

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The movie The Cinderella Man used boxer James J. Braddock as a representation of the many American people who experienced a prosperous life in the twenties that suddenly turned poverty-stricken during the Great Depression. As happy prosperous times quickly turned to those of stress and desperation, many Americans took risks in order to persevere through life. Before poverty struck, people took risks fueled by wealth and success, and during the Great Depression risks were influenced by desperate times. The struggles and choices people were forced to make during these times mirrored experiences James Braddock had himself. Braddock was a successful boxer who broke his hand and fought to find work while struggling to provide for his family during the Great Depression. From riches to rags, then back again, Braddock was a true figure of hope, as well as a reflection of the American people. The movie The Cinderella Man portrayed the wealth of the 1920s as well as the disparity of the Great Depression where people relied on risks and hope to survive. Wealthy lifestyles during the 1920s influenced Americans to spend big, and left them unsuspecting of incoming struggles. In the early minutes of the film, The Cinderella Man, Jim Braddock was living a happy and successful life alongside his family. The first scenes of the movie depicted Braddock winning his twenty-seventh fight as a boxer, and going home to a happy family. Similarly, in the lives of many other Americans,

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