Analysis Of The Color Purple By Alice Walker

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Masamoto, Lani
Ms. Britton
Eng. 4 AP/Per. 3
28 August 2014
Literary Review
1. The Color Purple by Alice Walker; The color purple is commonly used to symbolize royalty and a deep connection spiritually. Celie, the main character in the novel, writes many of her very personal letters and thoughts that she has never shared with to anyone else to God. She deeply connects spiritually with God. She knows that, unlike everyone else present around her in society, God will neither discriminate or judge her. In addition, when Celie finds herself in a time of need, she calls on the help of God as the only “man” she knows.
2. The time period of the novel takes place in the 1900’s. In that time, Jim Crow laws were still in effect making it a time of segregation and unequal opportunities for African Americans. Many African Americans through Jim Crow laws became disadvantaged socially and economically as well as disadvantaged in education. The whole idea of the Jim Crow laws were separate but equal in a society.
3. The Color Purple can be categorized under historical fiction. Many events during that time influenced the writer Alice Walker. In addition, the racial discrimination present in the book was also a big part during that time period.
4. Georgia was the setting for the book. This state found itself to be particularly significant because of its location and the history of slavery in the state. Jim Crow laws worked against African Americans and many times African Americans found
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