Analysis Of The Color Purple

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On December 20, 1985, a new African American film was introduced to the big screen, The Color Purple. The film is based a novel by Alice Walker, the novel was also titled The Color Purple. It was directed by one of the most popular directors and producers in the film industry, Steven Spielberg. The film made over 91 million dollars in the box office after 20weeks, and overall 98 million dollars since it was released. It starred several amazing actors such as: Whoopi Goldberg (Celie), Danny Glover (Albert), Oprah Winfrey (Sofia), and Margaret Avery (Shug Avery). The Color Purple has been nominated for 11 Academy Awards. It is an iconic film that addresses issues such as oppression and sexism toward women, the film setting is 1909–1950, but the issues it addresses still exist today.
The Color Purple is a period drama, and takes place in rural Georgia. The main character in this film is Celie, and film starts off from Celie’s 14-year-old perspective. From a very young age Celie experienced multiple forms of abuse. First from her father, who had raped and verbally abused her. At the beginning of the film, Celie gives birth to her second child, conceived by her and her father (Alphonso). He took her child same as he did the first, and whisper to her “better not never tell nobody but God”. A little later in the film, a suitor by the name MR appears. He comes to Alphonso, looking to get Celie’s younger sister Nettie’s hand in Marriage. Alphonso turns him down, and instead offers
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