Analysis Of The Community Is Anomic, By Kirst Ashman

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Watts Community is anomic, According to Kirst-Ashman (2014) anomic refers to a failed community which is dysfunctional and provides little social support. An anomic community has not or does not take advantage of outside linkages; there is no sense of belonging to the community. Some conditions that illustrate the Watts neighborhood is anomic are the residents of the community live in fear and do not trust each other. The community fails to address persistent problems poverty, unemployment, and lack of financial resources for education. Also, the community was alienated and isolated from interacting with other sections of the city. They lived in poor housing conditions. Gangs, guns, crime, destruction, and drugs surrounded the neighborhood. There was no investment in the schools or the children of the community. The community was not in harmony with each other. Through stratification, political discrimination occurred, based on their wealth and social, economic status. Residents of the city lacked purpose which brought on depression. There is no identity among the citizens. Oppression, discrimination, and unjust treatment are just a few issues that plagued the community. Researchers Williams and Kristin (2010) states historically, trauma is the result of stressful events that overwhelms an individual ability to cope with stressors and life events. African Americans suffered from multiple injuries as a result of slavery, racism, and discrimination. Community is
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