Analysis Of The Companies ' Performance Management System

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Analysis of the companies’ performance management system The performance management system of all the companies mentioned below is analyzed and a suggestion is given at the end to support the same. Name of the companies: * Accenture * Ernst n Young * Yamaha Motors Name of the Company Industry Number of Employees Frequency of PM System Number of Ratings Accenture Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing 330,000 Mid-year and annual 5 Ernst n Young Consulting, Audit Practice 212,000 Mid-year and annual 5 Yamaha Technology and Manufacturing 300,000 Mid-year and annual Grade System (A,B,C,D) When we observed the performance management systems of the companies mentioned above, we found certain similarities amongst them. The ex-employees underwent a survey, which can explain their current practice and critically analyze the issues related to the practice in the organizations. The Performance Management designed by the committee in the organizations, which comprises of the human resource people and the top management. Nowadays a psychometric test is an essential part of the performance appraisal system, which was not visible in the system described by the ex-employees of the companies listed above. The performance management starts with the recruitment of the personnel but the main appraisal takes place mid-yearly or annually or in some cases both. A fair and unbiased appraisal of all the employees should be the core part of the performance management process. All of the
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