Analysis Of The Constitution And The Constitution

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Dahl and the Constitution James Madison and the rest of the Founders of the Constitution undeniably founded a government that has withstood the test of time. The question that Robert Dahl poses in How Democratic Is the American Constitution? is whether this form of government and specifically the Constitution is as democratic as it should be and focuses on the Constitution’s shortcomings. Dahl argues that the constitution is much less democratic than it ought to be. Madison, on the other hand, had doubts about the effectiveness and practicality of a purely democratic form of government and fought for a republic with checks on power. I believe that the Constitution should be evaluated according to how it serves the American population today. Americans are raised through public schooling and popular culture to view the Constitution as nearly infallible and those that wrote it as inspired. However, it is clearly not a perfect document. After the bill of rights there has come about seventeen additional amendments, or small changes by definition, to the original document. It intentionally contained no mention of one of the most egregious aspects of American history – slavery. Despite all of these things, I agree with Madison that the Constitution needed to limit democracy in order to provide a strong enough national government that would not endanger personal liberty. Society has changed quite a bit since the original crafting of the Constitution in 1787 which has prompted
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