Analysis Of The Contemporary Advertising Industry

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For my analysis of the contemporary advertising industry, I elected to focus on three separate television advertisements. The first ad is one of the commercials from the famous Directv “Get Rid of Cable” advertisements; “Don’t Wake Up in a Roadside Ditch.” The second advertisement is one from Time Warner Cable and their extraordinary, but short campaign “Time Warner -Satellite -Kevin Nealon.” The final advertisement of the three I elected, is the Netflix commercial; “Hold on.” The first two advertisements by Directv and Time Warner Cable are commercials, but contain skits, while the third commercial by Netflix is more of an advertisement spot. All three advertisements primarily focus on the same general audience, which are adults of all ages and families who watch and enjoy high quality television. However, the Directv advertisements are more concentrated on persuading adults and families with cable providers to switch to Directv. While the Time Warner Cable advertisements are concentrated on acquiring adults and families who have satellite providers. On the other hand, Netflix provides an alternate option to view television and film by promoting itself through advertising by persuading Film and Television viewers who have cable and satellite providers to switch to Netflix streaming. The Directv commercial “Don’t wake up in a Roadside Ditch,” opens by focusing on a man, alone in his apartment, while on his phone and watching television. The narration then cues; “When
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