Analysis Of ' The Crucible '

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Crucible Character Analysis
Miah Nielsen The strength of a dying man can be found in the words, “Give them no tear! Tears pleasure them! Show honor now, show a stony heart and sink them with it!” (The Crucible, 4. 751-753). This quote is spoken directly from Elizabeth Proctor after her husband was condemning himself to hanging. This married couple faced major conflicts during this historical event in which The Crucible took place. The setting took place during the Salem Witch Trials, which was a period of chaos led by children and caused multiple people to be murdered.The foundations of the community were built upon strict Puritan beliefs. Due to an opportunity for accepted accusations and grudges, the village fueled the chaos and fear of the witchcraft outbreak. Human nature proves to be weak in willpower to remain “good natured” and will falter when given the opportunity to do so. John Proctor was a religious man, but carried his personal burdens of his sins against his wife. Elizabeth Proctor was a solemn mother and wife who kept faith in every action she carried out. Arthur Miller used his play as a commentary on the weaknesses of human nature through the characters John and Elizabeth Proctor.

Miller described the weakness and the fall into sin through the character John Proctor. Proctor is a strong willed man who is defensive in nature. He faced the sin of adultery with Abigail, who is the true culprit of the madness in the village. He is skeptical of the origins of
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