Analysis Of The Current State Of Projects

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Metric Initiative - Change Management Analysis of the current state of projects: Portfolio with heterogeneous projects with different processes, project types, deadlines, technology and complexity. The risks are not duly classified and highlighted. Customer feedback is not tracked which might take a toll on usability. Need for change management: We have analyzed the current state of the portfolio of projects, what kind of metrics are currently being collected, and how the collected metrics are being presented to PPM. We 've also analyzed whether PPMs are able to garner what they need to know to make business decisions. Based on the analysis, we have proposed a new set of metrics that need to be collected from the project teams and new ways of reporting them to the PPM. In order to achieve this goal, metrics collection and reporting are key. Managing the metrics initiative via this change management plan should be done with a proper framework, defined objectives, roles and responsibilities, and progress tracking. Furthermore, it 's imperative that the change is integrated into the culture of the organization and has support and championship from leadership and employees. In order to have a single set of metrics that can be gathered across all of the projects, there should be a uniform way of reporting to drive the metrics initiative. Goal and Metrics to achieve this goal This metrics initiative is initiated to achieve the goals mentioned in the executive summary.
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