Analysis Of ' The Dark Knight '

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The caped crusader is one of the most famous super heroes ever. Bruce Wayne is the man behind the mask that is a debonair, successful heir to his family’s business. From his bat cave to his black suit, Batman is recognized as being a superhero that metes out justice with fairness and efficiency, but what would be said if Batman and Wayne was a superhero with a mental disorder? Post-traumatic stress disorder is a trauma stress disorder that occurs frequently in combat veterans, natural disaster survivors, and even motor vehicle accidents (Nevid, Rathus, and Greene 149).
The Dark Knight is the second movie of a trilogy about the caped crusader himself, Batman. The Dark Knight begins with Bruce Wayne, a rich heir to Wayne Enterprises and now head man for the business, portraying a busy life while secretly fighting crime in Gotham city as Batman. Bruce Wayne has a love interest in a woman and childhood friend of Rachel that was introduced in the first movie of the trilogy. Rachel is aware that Wayne is Batman. Bruce keeps from being in a relationship with Rachel due to the risks to her life if someone were to find out that he is Batman. Also, it was to save her from heartache knowing that each night he goes out could be the last he lives. The main antagonist of the movie is the villain Joker. Not much of a storyline about his past is present in the movie and he is mostly an enigma. The main things we learn about the Joker’s past are from a scene with Wayne in his bat cave…
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