Analysis Of ' The Dark Side Of The Eyes Of Man '

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Dashing through the luscious green undergrowth, the prey enters my vision. The animal evades me entering through the cloudy mist. With the mugging humidity my skin begins to perspire. I roll up my sleeves on my outgrown leather jacket up my arms with great difficulty. Reappearing into my vision, I draw nearer to my prey. I swiftly draw back my bow and a burning sensation finds its way into my muscles as the tension of the bowstring throughout my hunt increasingly menaces me. Whizzing through the mist the arrow strikes the unaware creature dead in between his deep blue eyes. After I retrieve the arrow, I carefully bundle up my prize into my burlap sack.
Sharp piercing shouts, belonging to my elder brothers, blare throughout woods. Following the sound of his voice, I navigate through the fog to find the source of clamor. I bumble past branches as I awkwardly lug my game in my hefty bag. Upon finding them, Peter calls my attention to the most majestic composition of nature ever beheld by the eyes of man. The Great Conductor’s glorious touch perfectly aligning all aspects of this spectacle. Radiant beams of light illuminate the masterpiece. Beautifully detailed shrubbery outlines the painting. Warm, vibrant blue water cascades off the carefully chiseled cliff and into a pond teeming with life and activity. The waters of Eden left flawlessly untouched.
As I draw back out of my trance I can see the expressions of amazement written on the faces of my brothers.
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