Analysis Of ' The Deep '

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In “The Deep”, Doerr shows that emotion, word choice and writing logically. Emotions can be played with, and can be enlightened, punished or even enlightened a little. He’s a convincing role as a host to the readers that are taking the time to read his material to show a surreal surrounding, and a story line that makes the reader want more. Although the reader may not understand the entire premise of what is being written, that person can still enjoy a light-hearted story to look forward to reading. On the other hand, a mature of an audience could enjoy the same material, on the other hand, see the underlying principles behind the words that are being told and portrayed, no matter the circumstances that the reader grew up in.
Tom is born in 1914 in Detroit with a hole in his heart. His Doctor told him: "blood sloshes from the left side to the right side. His heart will have to do three times the work. Lifespan of sixteen. Eighteen if he 's lucky. Best if he doesn 't get excited" (247). Anthony Doerr writes the short story called: "The Deep", he in a way was writing the story about how precious life was and how unnerving it 's fleeting those around us. He wanted to put into perspective how negligent people can be by the putting a character named Ruby in his life. She is a go-getter and has a vast approach to anything outdoor activities. While Tom has his hole that keeps him from a majority of life that raises his heart rate more than a certain point. Doerr showed that even
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