Analysis Of The Diary Of Anne Frank

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The Diary of Anne Frank had many emotions to it. Going to a soothing story then leaving you hooked or seeing the intense strucuture of it all. The story had many various characters and themes that could complement the story in any way. The themes of the historical story make up the story, they let you know what happens next and what’s going on. Also Anne’s personality describes who she really is on the inside and then the out of ropposite of her personality Peter. Finally how the story makes you feel your reaction, what would you feel like if you had no leniency if you were caught. Anyways, this essay copies the three main points I just explained and will have more detail on why I think it is that. The Diary of Anne Frank had many…show more content…
Quack Quack out of rage because Anne obviously loves to joke with him but, Peter doesn’t and Peter doesn’t talk much and is also not sociable. Overall the story or Anne’s life was interesting to read and discuss. I came into class thinking this story was going to be tedious to read but, it was actually exceptional. I would want to read more about Anne and the others when they’re off to concentration camp and see her emotion towards that and how she felt seeing others suffer and die. The story had a great set of characters that were entertaining, weird and selfish, I especially like the part when they catch Mr.VanDaan stealing bread for himself and then everything goes wild and some parts of the story showed what these people would do to survive. It affected me greatly, the story had great themes to it and the right type elements like suspense, I wondered if I had to live in a small annex and sharing a room, someoine stealing food aty night, and people trying to kill you, I would go insane. One particular affect the stroy had on me was happiness, even though Anne’s life wasn’t all great she was still happy to be breathing and with a family and thats something I should do more often. I am Poem.. I am Mr. Dussel I hear a wild kid in my room I see gloomy people wanting to get out I say Anne is a nuisance I am eager to find out what happens next I am an Dentist I feel stressed and lazy I try to get

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