Analysis Of The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Anne Frank outside Looking in, the Diary of Anne Frank, and “Holland1945”

Chloe McCaffrey
English 4
Mr. Taylor
March 17, 2015

In Brett Kaufman’s painting, Anne Frank outside looking in, he is implying how Frank never got to have a chance to live her life due to having to hide away from the war going on all around her. Kaufman is relating his 1995 painting to the way she lived. Anne lived in the annex above her father’s work until her and her family got caught. Kaufman’s painting is related to a diary written by Anne Frank while living in the annex. The diary is all of her days, her nights, and her school. While people were below the annex working Frank sat in one spot and either read, or wrote in her diary. After being caught, and dying, her father, being the only one who survived, had found her diary, and published the writing as a book in 1947. Kaufman’s painting and Anne 's Diary relate to a song written in 1998 by Neutral Milk Hotel. The song is singing about the death of Anne Frank, and how close she was to surviving the war. The concept is of how much Anne Franks’ story impacted the world. Anne Frank Outside Looking In, a 1995 painting by Brett Kaufman, a novel, The Diary of Anne Frank, written by Anne Frank, but later published in Amsterdam in 1947, and a 1998 song “Holland 1945” performed by Neutral Milk Hotel, but written by Jeff Mangum explore the idea of how an individual wanted to get out and explore the world, and even…

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