Analysis Of The Dinner Party By Judy Chicago

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To give some context into Judy Chicago herself, she was born in Chicago, Illinois (hence the name Judy Chicago) on July 20, 1939. In 1962, she received her Bachelor of Art degree from the University of California, Los Angeles and then her Master’s in 1964. From then on, she taught at various universities as an art educator for feminist art. She also has five honorary doctorates from different universities. She started out making minimalist artworks form 1963-1974. In Chicago’s minimalist art, there obvious signs of the triangle forms that she focuses on throughout The Dinner Party and a few other feminist works. The forms themselves are circular or octagonal but the perception the viewer sees is that of a triangle. Towards the end of her minimalist stage, Chicago was teaching art education and founding programs for women at California State University in Fresno and at the California Institute of the Arts. During this period, she started to create feminist artwork such as The Dinner Party. The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago is a feminist artwork made from 1974-1979. It includes a wall of banners leading into the space, a triangle of tables, and a tile floor. The table has three “wings” to it to show women throughout history in chronological order. The first wing is Prehistory to Classical Rome. The second is Christianity to Reformation. And the third is the American Revolution to the Women’s Revolution. Each wing has thirteen place settings each of which has a fork, a knife,

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