Analysis Of The Documentary ' Blackfish '

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Sea World rebuttal was not considered in the documentary of “Blackfish” which clearly defines the bias views of the creator. So without choice, viewers are marked to take the side of the creator or leave the documentary feeling like a kid in a fine china shop, unable to touch or lose your balance for fear of shattering the look of the shop. Unfortunately, the problem with animal activist groups is that they force their religious views of animals on others with no other biases to consider. Hence, their real arguments are skewed and we are unable to clearly see the real poignant side without the opinions.

There are significant arguments on both sides of the issue, but the real issues are keeping the animals in captivity, keeping them alive, keep the cycle of life continuing to grow and produce all that nature intended. Many believe for the purpose of learning more about ourselves as humans with have the right to explore our possibilities with the similarities of those of the mammal species. Theses people argue for the acceptable need for capturing the animals in the wild and keep them in a protected environment, there are several points to stated and generally cited. Theses include:

Captivity kills orcas. Very few captive orcas make it to midlife (approximately 30 years for males and 45 for females) and not one out of more than 200 held in captivity has ever come close to old age (60 for males, 80 for females). Most captive orcas die while they are still very young by wild
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