Analysis Of The Documentary ' Citizenfour ' An Hbo Documentary, Directed By Laura Poitras

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The fear of the invasion of privacy has been among the American population, ever since rumors of government spying after the events of 9/11. The NSA or National Security Agency denied accusations of spying on Americans for years. It was’t until 2013 when ex-NSA worker, Edward Snowden, released secret information entailing the real activities of the NSA, involving access to virtually any American’s private life. In Citizenfour, an HBO documentary, directed by Laura Poitras, Edward Snowden contacts Laura under code name, Citizenfour, to share his knowledge on the truth behind government spying. Laura ended up meeting up with Snowden and documented his interviews and his life after he revealed himself as the whistleblower for the CIA and NSA. The main argument being made in this documentary is whether or citizens privacy should be violated by the government to find possible terrorist. The case being made is that the invasion of privacy is not acceptable. Another argument in Citizenfour is whether or not it was okay for the government to lie to the courts and hide information. There is also debate about whether the actions of Snowden should or shouldn’t be acceptable . ( Laura Poitras)

Edward Snowden was once a worker under the Centralized Intelligence Agency, in the NSA, and gathered access to the CIA’s extremely covert files to their very invasive survallence practices over the world. He had plans to leak the files, despite knowing he could possibly arrested or never be able…
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