Analysis Of The Documentary ' Eyes On The American Civil Rights Movement '

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Eyes on the prize I is a PBS documentary film series that eye lights the American Civil Rights Movement. The documentary series also depicts the struggle to end racial discrimination and segregation and how small acts of courage began the Civil Rights Movement. I was able to watch three one-hour series, Awakening (1954-1956), Fighting Back (1957 – 1962) and Ain’t Scared of your Jails (1960 – 1961). These series are poignant and takes us through the days of segregation and inequality and the grassroots protests to Supreme Court victories. The documentary used historical film footage and interviewed individuals who were apart of the movement. Awakenings 1954–1956 Awakening depicts the murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till and the Montgomery bus boycott. The documentary shows historic events when segregation laws ruled African Americans daily lives. Emmet Till who wanted to impress his friends, allegedly whistled at a Caucasian woman. Few days after, Emmet Till was found dead floating in the Tallahatichie River. The widely publicized trial acquitted the two men who murdered Emmet Till. This was a spurring moment for Black Leaders including activist Rosa Parks. This victitious murder of Emmet Till and the biased trial outraged African Americans who accelerated the tempo of the civil rights movement. Rosa Parks a fascinating figure, lived in Montgomery Alabama where African Americans couldn’t worship, eat, or travel alongside the Whites. Rosa Parks became frustrated with the
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