Analysis Of The Documentary ' Genie '

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In the documentary, Genie was a thirteen year old girl who lived in complete isolation tied to a “potty chair.” Genie seemed to have the skills of a newborn. She was unable to speak, walk, run, or even carry on a conversation like a normal thirteen year old should. Her skills were extremely lacked even compared to a six year old. An average six year old is able to carry on a conversation grammatically correct and/or very close to being correct. A normal six year old has the ability to understand how some things are used and what they are used for. For example, if you handed an average six year old a set of keys, he or she would know that what you handed them were in fact keys that you use in a car or either used to open a door. In the case of Genie, I don’t think she would have known the difference due to her lack of experience in the world. I believe the skill sets between the two are polar opposites due to Genie’s confinement. Genie never received the opportunity to live a normal life and do normal everyday activities that most people take for granted. Second of all, nature versus nurture is often discussed when talking about human development. Nature is the biological makeup of a person; for example, their sex, skin color, eye color, hair color, etc. Nurture is more of the social makeup which may include interactions with neighbors, family, friends, going to school, etc. Both of these terms play a huge role in a child’s development. It is pretty obvious that nurture
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