Analysis Of The Documentary ' Inside Job '

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The documentary, “Inside Job” is divided in five sections in which it provides a detailed examination of the changes done in the government and the banks that were responsible for the generation of the global financial meltdown that took place in Fall of 2008. This crisis cause millions of jobs and home losses for many American citizens. As well, it caused a deep economic recession. The analysis of the causes of economic crisis of 2008 was a great realization for anyone that was affected, or not affected. We as the audience, realize a lot of things that are revolving around us and we do not realize it. For example, the AAA rating can be hidden from us by connecting investments from a high risk firms to stable firms. Citizens are to believe that AAA rating is the safest way to detect if the company is safe to invest in, but the truth is that the AAA rating do not actually tell if the companies are safe enough to invest in because of all the Ponzi schemes the company has done and pay people to place a good word in their AAA rating. The thing that you are more surprised with the realizations of how the system works is the those who advise the companies concerning their financial actions are the ones teaching in business schools and universities to be bias and that their advice should always benefit the companies at the end. The expectation of society is that teachers are responsible to teach their students and help them be better citizens to the nation and not be corrupted.

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