Analysis Of The Documentary ' Pirates, Galleons, And Treasure ' Globe Trekker '

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When watching “Pirates, Galleons, and Treasure: Globe Trekker”, one certainly does learn something about pirates and their history. However, that does not mean the documentary is particularly useful. In fact, the documentary while mostly accurate still has some small discrepancies and does not provide enough detail for it to be helpful to those actually studying pirates. The documentary is a fun resource for those who want basic facts, but leaves some facts to assumptions and seems to gloss over some information. It tends to focuses on myths and interesting stories that may have been true rather than the truth. More attention is also put on cities rather pirates and when it does focus on the pirates, it is not done well. It tends to…show more content…
“Pirates, Galleons and Treasure” also shows pirate stories being romanticised when they speak about the relationship of Anne Bonny and Calico Jack.
Within the documentary, Anne Bonny and Calico Jack are shown to be lovers and while that may be true it is still not confirmed. The documentary presents this idea as a fact and even goes on to talk about Bonny being the mother of his child, leaving out the fact that it is also speculated that Bonny had slept with her jailors so it is not confirmed that it is his child (Konstam, 2011, p.166). Bonny’s father is said to have had a possible role in her escape (Konstam, 2011, p.185), instead of the claim that no one knows at all where she could have gone in the documentary. Also in the video, Calico Jack is said to be responsible for designing the skull and cross bone flag (Pirates, Galleons and Treasure, 2007), when the flag had been first been spotted in 1700 by a pirate named Wyn way before Calico Jack (The Golden Age, 2016) and the only pirate to be known to fly a true skull and cross bone flag is Edward England (Konstam, 2011, p.193). Essentially, “Pirates, Galleons and Treasures” does not seem to show accurate or unbiased information, or at least towards the pirates they talk about. This documentary seems to portray pirates in a positive

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