Analysis Of ' The Easter 1916 '

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Sage McLaughlin
Dr. Curtin
November 7, 2015
Writing about Literature
The “Easter 1916” was known for the number of the leaders that participated or should say rebellious enough to actually go through it. Yeats chosen people to whom he knew to pay tribute to their sacrifice and show his reaction to the uprising. But the poem reflects the struggle for him to come to the terms with his conflicting emotions (‘I’ or ‘eye’). Showing the improvements on how the individual people step up to the plate to make a change in order to get independence Ireland even though England promised them for independence. From the repeated line after the Stanzas 1, 2, and 4: ‘A terrible beauty is born’ captures his love for the rebels for the fight over the country and also shows his emotion over the loss of life. Yeats is giving the feeling and the emotion that he wants us to feel for the people that he has known and the person that he has loved.
Yeats chose his friends and acquaintances to show on how they risk their lives for independence for others and show their rebellious dedication in the uprising. Bringing in the emotion to convey his message. From Markievicz, She spoke loftily about independence, but until the uprising, it was just ignorant good-will. Where she stood for what was right with courage and dignity. Having the dedication to protect the incursion on their land. To Pearse who was an Irish teacher and one of the leaders of the Easter Rising. Riding a ‘winged horse’…
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