Analysis Of The Editorial ' Rolling Papers ' The Denver Posts Fall From Grace '

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Kevin Lu
Leonard Maltin
31 March 2016
Rolling Papers Film Essay Mitch Dickman’s Rolling Papers documents The Denver Posts fall from grace in the midst of Colorado’s legalization of marijuana. Although some may argue the message behind this film is the promotion and avocation of the legalization of marijuana, it actually depicts just how desperate print journalism is to survive in this age of social media and instant gratification. The film carries itself with a certain novelty as it tries to fit in with the taboo subject of marijuana; as if covering marijuana has never been done before in journalism. It also uses marijuana as a sort of promotional tool for print journalism as if this is new or uncharted territory. The story starts with the head of The Denver Post assigning Ricardo Baca as the first ever “Pot Editor” for the paper. Baca then starts a website known as The Cannabist for critics to post reviews on various strain of marijuana. The reason Baca does this is expressed well by Greg Moore, editor of the Post, who highlights the paper’s prioritizing of marijuana coverage was a “survival tactic” for the newspaper more so than anything else. Thus, the message of the film turns from prompting legalization to promoting the print journalism. As for the tone of the film, it is all very modern and very cliché. The music consists rap and rock n’ roll played at the most opportune times to remind you that you are watching a move about marijuana. This attributes to a

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