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Rohan Baishya HUEN 1010 – Dr. Brooks Short Paper #2 Due 03/20/17 In The Education of Cyrus, Xenophon addresses a critical query immediately in questioning how one can rule over human beings without opposition or revolt. Xenophon initially reasons that no regime can effectively do that, but after seeing the education and life of Cyrus, he argues that ruling all others without revolution is not only plausible, but “not even difficult if done with knowledge.” Through his education and virtues, Cyrus acquired the knowledge to not only be a successful king, but rule over the entire known world, effectively proving to Xenophon that it is possible to rule over all human beings successfully. Cyrus was more than a king, but rather the founder of an…show more content…
He chooses mercy over destruction so that as he conquers more and more land, human beings choose to love him and join him, while being grateful to him for sparing them and giving them the opportunity to do so. Not only that, but Cyrus keeps his followers and allies happy, showering them in luxuries and rewarding them for showing virtue for his cause, making his cause their cause as well. This system where people are rewarded for their virtues motivates the people he rules to stand by him and becomes the basis for what Cyrus calls justice in his empire. Despite these virtuous courses of actions Cyrus learned to take, Xenophon points out that successful military strategy and diplomacy cannot be procured unless one has virtues such as discipline, drive, compliance, prudence, generosity, and valor that Cyrus displays and acquires through his life and education. Xenophon emphasizes that as necessary as superior battle strategies, competent and willing allies, appealing laws, and diplomacy are, they do not amount to anything without a virtuous leader educated in leading in such a manner as Cyrus was. Cyrus, rather than marching onwards and leaving a path of destruction in his wake as many empire-builders of his time did, instead won the favors of the people he defeated, keeping their homes and cultures intact yet also not only giving them the opportunity to join him, but having them want to be ruled by him. Cyrus was an attractive leader who through his life,

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