Analysis Of The English Class, My Eyes Opened At New Techniques

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Over the course of the English 1B class, my eyes opened to new techniques and to consider new ways to improve my writing. Throughout this course, my class was assigned four essays all of which asking different questions. Some of the essay were more difficult than another because it required more work and research; however, writing these essays helped me to grow as a better writer. During these essay writing process, I was able to grab a sense of what is and what is not essential when writing an essay and to remember to avoid diverging from the essay topic itself. Out of the four essays- Arguing a Position, Proposing a Solution Justifying an Evaluation, and Analyzing Stories- I believed that Justifying an Evaluation was the easiest for me to write. Compared to the other essays, this essay did not require as much work and research as the other essays that required me to find many sources online or offline. Especially because I wrote on the film, Frozen, which was a movie I had already seen and enjoyed, it was easier for me to be more engaged in this essay. I found it a little bit more time-consuming, however, because for a film that I have already viewed many times, I had to re-watch it only now to consider and to analyze the different ways film makers made the movie. The hardest essay to write was Proposing a Solution because I felt that there was already an answer to my question and I did not bring any new points. Also, researching for this essay topic was a lot more
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