Analysis Of The Environmental Non Sustainability Of The American Coal Industry

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Topic: An Analysis of the Environmental Non-Sustainability of the American Coal Industry

Title of Book: Big Coal: The Dirty Secret Behind America 's Energy Future

Author: James Goodell

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Co., 2006.

James Goodell is a long-time contributing columnist for Rolling Stone Magazine and the New York Times Magazine. Goodell’s main contributions are writing about environmental issues, such as industrial pollution, and the problem of long-term environmental sustainability. Goodell does meticulous research through interviews with coal miners, coal industry executives, and other participants in the chain-linked process of coal production and usage. In Big Coal, the overarching problem of CO2 emissions from large-scale industrial coal mining, coal processing, and coal usage in American power plants is a major problem for environmental sustainability. The profit-driven shortsightedness of the coal industry is defined by influence of governmental lobbying, which prevents regulations of CO2 emissions. This book covers the entire process from coal mining to coal burning at power plants to show the complete life cycle of the coal mining industry. This comprehensive examination of the coal industry provides detailed information on the non-sustainability of the coal mining industry in terms of air pollution and damage to local ecologies. Finally, Goodell also seeks to expose the undercurrent of modern coal production as a continued threat to the…
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