Analysis Of ' The Epic Heroes '

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Luck of the Hero (An analysis of epic heroes) Often when reading literature, the reader can’t help but think that no character could have such qualities as they are portrayed in the story. A classic example of this are the epic heroes that help facilitate the history of important cultures. The epic is a long piece of poetry describing a hero’s journey to a better self and complete a mission. These heroes are often extremely brave and smart, which can leave the audience doubting any historical accuracy and believability in the character. These characters face nightmares in real life and live to tell the tale. Epic heroes are, after all, the explanation of a culture’s ideal warrior or citizen. However, these heroes also suffer from a tragic flaw, usually hubris or extreme pride in one’s self. It is a legitimate question to wonder how a hero can be so incredibily successful with such a large flaw. This question leads many people to assume that luck has a lot to do with the success of the epic hero. Luck can be construed as the universe’s way of helping things along. Especially with the early polytheistic cultures, divine intervention was a large theme, and this can serve as the backbone of luck for the epic hero. Odysseus from the Odyssey is a prime example as Athena is a constant aid to him in his long journey home. Odysseus truly thrives from divine luck more than his own personal intelligence or bravery. To begin, Odysseus has extreme wit, but much of it is actually luck
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