Analysis Of The Episode ' Chirp '

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Looking back at the episode, it seemed clear to me that the three families that were presented in the Modern Family episode ‘Chirp,’ had dilemmas. Each family had to face their own conflicts, which in different ways gets resolved in the end. These family problems in this episode includes couples not listening to each other, son not getting attention, and even the husband who struggles to show his manly side. Although the episode talks about all three families, they mainly had their own story line.
These conflicts start with one member of the family; in this episode it is the man. In the beginning of the episode, the Dunphy Family had trouble with the smoke detectors. Phil Dunphy, who is the man of the family, struggles to tackle which detector is making the low battery sound. With little success, he feels like he isn’t capable of even a simple task that’s generally completed by men. He feels like he is losing his masculinity every time the smoke detectors ‘chirp,’ which is literally driving him nuts. Later, the gay couple, Mitchell and Cameron lightly argue whether to take their adopted daughter to act in a commercial. Mitchell, which happens to make the income to provide for the family, denies Cameron’s request. Cameron complains that he makes all the decisions because he makes the income, and gets more say for the family. To prove that he is not going to let that stop him, he takes their daughter to act, despite what Mitchell had against it. Lastly the
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