Analysis Of The Essay 'A Nation Of Vidiots'

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In times like these when, what seems like every month, a new gadget is coming out, we rely more and more on these things to get us through life. Some of these gadgets and the technology that comes with them have become such a huge part of our lives that we almost don't know what to do anymore without them. We depend on this technology to navigate us from one location to another or to even communicate with family and friends. Are these gadgets really helping us and making life easier or are they hindering our basic human ability to communicate effectively with each other and perform manual tasks that we rely on these machines or other technology to perform for us? In his essay, A Nation of Vidiots, Jeffery Sachs suggests that excessive…show more content…
Sachs explains that TV viewing brings little pleasure and close to being an addiction with little benefit and almost no happiness. This appeals to the readers emotionally since most can identify with some sort of addiction and its fallout. Most Americans have some sort of addiction, whether it is food or television and relate when the author uses this analogy to compare. Sachs goes on to claim that this addiction is leading to the decline in our social development since we spend less time face to face and more time in front of a TV or other media devices. Time that was once spent with family is now in front of a television screen or other media devices. This hold true as much now as it did in 2011 when this essay was written. Just this one statement can draw a reader further in since now almost all of us have a device that fits in our pockets that takes our attention away from other people. We end up looking down at our phones or tablets more than we look at other peoples faces. This, unfortunately, is becoming a sad truth in our society today. We would rather look into a world that is hard to distinguish what is real and what is made up instead of enjoying the real world. Sachs does state that there are other factors contributing to the decline of our social state in America

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