Citizen Leader: Better Giving, Better Business: A Case Study

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Corporation as Citizen Leader – Better Giving, Better Business
How Multinational Corporations Can Better Impact Social Causes, Mitigate Community Emergencies and How the Right Response to Each Adds Multi-Bottom Line Value in Finance, Culture and Brand

Presented to Dr. Seung Kim, Director
Boeing Institute of International Business
John Cook School of Business
Saint Louis University

In Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Executive Master of International Business Program

Chris Martinez
8 Filly Ct. Florissant MO. 63033
April 15, 2015

This paper contains information that may be highly sensitive. It is provided solely for the purpose stated above and should not be disclosed to persons outside of the faculty and administration of the Executive Master of International Business Program without express written consent from the author.

Abstract Multi-National Corporations wield power. They possess resources and expertise that do not always exist in the social sector. Corporate Social Responsibility is now widely accepted as the norm by many in the public. Many corporations sink significant costs into their Corporate Foundations, presumably in an effort to make a positive societal impact that falls in line with their business foci. CEO’s claim they want nonprofits to build human capacity and execute on proven strategies. Yet, the vast majority of Foundations provide little in the way of resources for either strategy or capacity of any

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