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In 1973, Pinochet led a coup to overthrow Allende’s democratic government and implemented a dictatorship. The consequences of implementing this type of government leads to the creation of a repressive state that turns to violence in order to keep control. In Chile, the state squashed all opposition, which mainly consisted of the left, by killing and disappearing them but most of the time they were exiled. Those who were exiled were automatically labeled as radical exiles who did not let their political situation prevent them from continuing their fight against the repressive state. This characterization of exile is challenged in Roberto Bolaño’s short story, Mauricio (“The Eye”) Silva. The story is about an exile of Chile, Mauricio “The Eye”…show more content…
He presents the The Eye’s character as the representation of his generation's struggles and misfortunes and compares him with the dominant example of what exile should be. Since The Eye symbolizes a different narrative of the exile, he is compared to the Chilean exile throughout the story. The reader can see this contrast in the story when it states, "He wasn't like most of the Chileans living in Mexico City: he didn't brag about his role in the largely phantasmal resistance; he didn't frequent the various groups of Chileans in exile" (106). The reader sees that Mauricio does not fit into the stereotypical definition of an exile, one who is radical and while abroad still fights against the dictatorship. The reader can also see that the radical Chilean exile’s “role in the largely phantasmal resistance” is criticized mainly because people lied about their political activity. Their life is not heroic or socially engaged because they gossip about The Eye's homosexuality in order to "[add] a little spice to their rather boring lives” (p.107). The Eye is used as a point of contrast to expose this myth of the Chilean exile, as well as represent how his generation is unable to escape

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