Analysis Of The F Word By Firoozeh Dumas

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Immigrants, since the mass immigration in the 19th century, have been changing their names to sound more American. Most feel that if they add an American name they will be more successful. Firoozeh Dumas’s excerpt “The ‘F Word’” was taken from Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America, published in 2003. Dumas tells her story about what growing up with an Iranian name feels like. She came to America, at the age of seven, knowing that challenges would arise, but what she did not know was someone would change her name into a complete insult and judge her because of it. Hoping she would make it through these obstacles she stepped blindly into the United States. Dumas tells her story by writing with a precise style of writing; using irony, metaphors, and excellent word choice, making it easy to understand her arguments. At the age of twelve, Dumas decided to add an American middle name to her name, in hopes of that action simplifying her life. Her decision to change her name came about because she was called “Ferocious” by her fifth grade classmates. After her fifth grade year, Dumas and her family moved to Newport Beach, where she thought her life could have a fresh start. Her family was not on board, at first, with Dumas’s decision to add an American name, but she was determined that doing this was a good idea. Names that her parents suggested, still Iranian names, made Dumas think that her life would still be difficult if she listened and chose one of them.
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