Analysis Of The Falling Man

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During the article, there were many different ideas brought about the Falling Man picture. The very first part of the article started with “Do you remember this photograph?,”(intro) and that set the audience up to remember something that happened that many people would know about. The subject of the article is the shocking event that happened on September 11, 2001 where planes crashed into World Trade Center wreaking havoc and causing panic. At the beginning of the article, it talks about the photo in an elegant tone, the lines are descriptive and it puts the reader in a certain mindset. That tone then changes to one that is more factual. People’s stories about the event and the photograph are introduced to help the audience understand all perspectives. At the very end of the piece, it says “That we have known who the Falling Man is all along.” (para. 50)It is implied that the Falling Man was everyone involved in the tragedy. The use of the words hope, identity, family, life, and relaxed indicate how some people felt. However the use of the words shame, exploited, murder, horror, and violence express the other side of the event. The photograph reminds people of the catastrophe and devastation that goes with 9/11, but also the unity and grace in which people had in the aftermath. While reading the article, a certain structure is used to help portray facts and emotion. Pictures of the Falling Man are used throughout it to help support what is being said about it in the text.
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