Analysis Of The Fiction ' Alice 's Wonderland '

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1. The genre of “Alice in Wonderland” was originally classified as fiction. It is now classified as children’s fiction and fantasy.

2. Exposition: The exposition of the story is when Alice was sitting with her sister on a hot summer day. She saw a rabbit go into a hole and followed it. She found herself in a room with many doors. She found a key and was able to shrink to go through small doors. She could also grow to a larger size when she needed.

Rising Action: The rising action of “Alice in Wonderland” is when Alice followed the rabbit into the rabbit hole. She found herself in a wonder world.

Climax: The climax of this story is when Alice entered the garden. She discovered that by eating or drinking certain things she could control her size. This made it possible for her to enter the garden.

Falling Action: When Alice realized that Wonderland was not real, she awoke herself from the dream by knocking over the playing card court.

Denouement: After Alice awoke and told her sister about her dream, Alice’s sister imagined herself in Wonderland. She thought of all the wonderful things Alice had seen in her dream. The dream seemed so wonderful, but she knew it was only a dream. It was not reality. She also knew that some day she and Alice would be grown women with children of their own. They would share their children’s dreams.

3. The protagonist in “Alice in Wonderland” is Alice. The story is about her dream of adventures she had after falling into a rabbit hole.

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