Analysis Of The Film ' 12 Angry Men '

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While the good behaviors of certain team members can help the team to reach its goals, the way in which communication is done can also affect the team’s progress. In the film “12 Angry Men”, many of the pros and cons of group communication are highlighted.
An overarching and prominent theme of discussion in the movie is the impact that personality has on the way that individuals communicate with others. The members of the jury from the film run the gamut of communication and personality styles. Some team members are wise and empathetic, but there are also other team members who are arrogant and prejudiced. These character traits can have a profound influence on interactions among jury members (Melanieps, 2013). ReelRundown (2016) claims that struggle in communication is relevant, impactful and healthy. Team members find themselves in conflict for several reasons. There is disagreement that arises from miscommunication. In the case of “12 Angry Men”, there are jury members who ultimately have the same views. However, issues with communication lead to miscommunication resulting in a complete breakdown. When members of a team or jury are not effectively communicating their message, it is impossible for the message to be clearly conveyed. Conflict also arises due to a lack of agreement. Clearly, this is a contributing factor to conflict in the film. Jurors have differing opinions based on personality, personal view, and personal experiences. Finally, there are

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