Analysis Of The Film ' 3 Of Yuma '

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In the film “3:10 to Yuma” emphasizes a family of four going through a downside, and in order to recover back his home, save the town, is to be a hero. The hero needs to catch the suspect that is ruining the town, and killing innocent people. Therefore, the suspect needs to be escorted to a train that goes to Yuma, but it only comes at a certain time, which is at 3:10 pm. That hero is Dan Evans that has a lot of experience with weapons because he comes from the civil war. Also Evans has a missing leg that prevents him from doing things that he cannot do before. However, he has a son name William Evans that looks up to him, but Dan manages a way to save the town, so he can have a happy family. Ben wade is the killer that is looking for trouble, along with his crew, and also has escaped from prison twice. Although, in reality not all heroes wear capes or have super powers, but has a mind that can control the situation to help out the community, for a happy life.
A hero is does not have to apply to a fairytale, movie, or a book, but a person, who likes to help out an individual, or the community from killing, raping, or even bullying. In the beginning of the movie Evans noticed gun shots outside of his ranch, and he saw part of place was getting burn. He knew who was the person, and was disappointed because he owed money, but he manages somehow to payback. Linda Seger points out “Generally, the hero begins as a non-hero; innocent, young, simple, or humble” (PG 2) Therefore,
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