Analysis Of The Film ' Amalia Hernandez ' And ' Deer Dance Of The Yaqui Indians '

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Amalia Hernandez was born in 1917, and was the famous creator of Ballet Folklorico. Classical Ballet was Hernandez’s first passion, in which she started taking lessons as a young girl. Later in her life, she decided to specialize in Native American dance. Ballet Folklorico was first founded in 1952. The company was a huge success, and soon became the largest and most popular dance company in the entire world. More than 60 regions of Mexico were incorporated into her performances. Amalia Hernandez’s work and style incorporated many different cultures and themes. Many dances were fiesta themed and incorporated beautiful different colors and costumes. Fiesta theme performances were fun and different to watch. The vibrant colors and creativity made them unique and festive. A great deal of Mexican history was also incorporated in Hernandez’s work as well. One on Hernandez’s most famous creations was named, ' 'Deer Dance of the Yaqui Indians”. This dance was associated from a Mexican tribe. It resembled a hunter hunting a deer. In the act, a male artist wore antlers, resembling the deer the hunter was after. The text stated, “The Times in 1976, Anna Kisselgoff called the dance ' 'a deeply moving testimony to the empathy of the hunters for the hunted. ' ' The message she was trying to get across was that this is the way one must live to survive. Also quoting, ' 'Man must kill his prey, but he respects that prey and endows it with noble qualities. ' '

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