Analysis Of The Film ' Antwone Fisher '

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Good Morning Gentleman and Ladies – I appreciate the DA giving me an opportunity to speak to you. I have read the background information on your specific case. Today’s presentation will present on overview of the research concerning false memories and how such findings could apply to this particular case. I will then outline some situations that are known to increase the likelihood of false memories and end with strategies that may reduce the occurrence of false memories
By way of introduction – and if you will indulge my brief nod to Hollywood - this is often how the issue of memory is portrayed by popular media. In the 2002 film, Antwone Fisher, Denzel Washington plays a military psychologist who is tasked with evaluating the mental health of recently demoted seaman, Antwone Fisher. As the film goes on Denzel Washington discovers (along with the rest of us) Antwone Fisher’s highly traumatized past. Through the cinematic use of multiple flashback scenes Antwone is gradually brought back to “the scene of the crime” seemingly remembering such details as the overall abuse in addition to the exact placement of holes in the wall or buckets on the floor or shirt he was wearing. In other words, the flashback scenes depict a kind of grand narrative of absolute truth that we, as viewers don’t question. Antwone Fisher simply needed a nudge by a safe, albeit stern father figure in order to remember it all.
Additionally the film is bookended by a dream sequence of a young…
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