Analysis Of The Film ' Backstage Musical '

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Loc Truong
Professor: Dr. Avy Valladares
Part One
1. Absolute films: “A particular type of Non Narrative avant-garde films are the Absolute films, which are completely abstract films”, the films that is nonrepresentational, using form and design to produce its effect and often describable as visual music.
2. Sequence shot: Sequence shot is basically amounting to one long shot that extends for an entire scene or sequence. It is just one shot with what the camera can gather, without any later editing. And so, it allows time and space to express itself, help the viewers to get meaning behind them.
3. Backstage musical: A backstage musical is a genre of music devote to the inner workings of a production, it supports the production of a play or musical revue. The songs performed in this context are considered diegetic numbers in that they occur literally in the plot, though they do not necessarily move the story forward.
4. Diegetic sound: Diegetic sound is a sound that is visible or implied in the film, or in other words, it is any sounds that present in the film’s world. It can be the voice of the actors speaking to each other, sounds come from the object on the screen, or music that comes from a sound system or orchestra. Also, Diegetic sound is known as actual or literal sound. Besides, diegetic sound can be either on screen or off screen base on its source within the frame or outside the frame.
5. Cross-cutting: Cross-cutting is the jump back and forth between two or

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