Analysis Of The Film ' Beasts Of The Southern Wild '

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The film, Beasts of the Southern Wild, tell the story of a rural community called Bathtub in Southern Louisiana to induce themes of classism and community ties. Behn Zeitlin does a great job reminding us of our connection with each other and the world around us. The Americana aesthetic of the film mirrors our hero’s resiliency in the face of destruction. At stake in this aesthetic and exploration of these politically charged themes is an interpretation on how we can connect to each other across racial, economic, and social divides.
Bathtub would appear to be a population in the depths of poverty. To the colorful inhabitants, it’s their sanctuary. Everything that they salvages, built by hand, caught, or grown. Bathtub definitely has its own culture and it is nothing like the city on the other side of the levee. The people that inhabit Bathtub are generations of people that have learned from the previous generations. This is all normal to them. The Bathtub community definitely lives in a collectivistic culture where everyone works together and supports each other (Arnett, 2011). This is apparent during several scenes in the movie. Right after Bathtub floods the community is looking for each other. They finally get together and have a huge feast. They are trying to rebuild their community. They are all opposed to leaving and they resist when they are taken away. They all run away from the shelter and eventually make their way back to Bathtub. In opposition

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