Analysis Of The Film ' Blaxploitation Films ' And ' Chappelle 's Show '

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Weekly Writing 3
Throughout history, American society has famously taken advantage of non-European cultures and traditions for their own entertainment. Major media companies, colleges, and athletic organizations have famously exploited the cultures and stereotypes of Native American’s and African Americans for the sole purpose of profit and increased entertainment value. In American society, there has been the era of “Blaxploitation films” in which African American’s society was shown through raunchy and low budget films. Sports teams, colleges, and public schools have turned Native Americans into an irresponsible excuse of a mascot the can offend and can be considered disrespectful by those in their society while being called an honor by those who use it. In some cases though, it can be seen that when members of the respective societies that are being depicted within the media are allowed to have some creative decision with it, that some real issues can be addressed and shown to an audience that otherwise would have never thought about it. This was popularly down through Dave Chappelle’s, “Chappelle’s Show,” and through rap music. As seen in the Chappelle’s show, it was shown that the stereotypes that the media portrays, can actually have a lasting effect on America’s multitude of sub cultures. The Chappelle’s Show was a comedy skit show created by Dave Chappelle. In the show, Chappelle would play out events and real life stories of black members of society in a comedic

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