Analysis Of The Film ' C.r. Y ' Directed By Jean Marc Vallee

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The film C.R.A.Z.Y, directed by Jean-Marc Vallée is about a man named Zac, recounting his adventure of searching for his identity. Laurianne and Gervais give birth to 5 distinct guys, but Zac is particularly special. He supposedly has a ‘gift ' where he can cure burns, and heal people, but little do they know; his special gift is that he is gay. The film C.R.A.Z.Y uses diegetic elements, selecting specific events, and a four-part structure to display narrative.
In the exposition, we see that this family is very religious because they are shown going to midnight mass. The second aspect we learn that will be very significant is that he was premature and was dropped, so it would explain why his family thinks he has a gift and why he has a scar on his head. We also learn that his desires are ignored based on stereotypes and gender norms. In the second section of the film, we get a sense that his character has changed. He’s much more rebellious shown by the scene where he puts his music even louder, after his dad lowered it, and when his father puts his cigarette out, he blew smoke right back into his face. He also starts smoking pot and expresses that he no longer believes in his religion. Although he begins to reject the Catholic Church, he secretly wants help from God. In one particular scene, he is lying in bed and he puts his hands together and whispers, "Please… Anything but that" This part is particularly important to the narrative because it shows how desperate he is to
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