Analysis Of The Film Cache ( French For Hidden And Racial Issues Between The Colonizer And The Colonized Through The Psychoanalysis

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This essay aims to analyze the representation of characters in the film Caché (French for “hidden”, 2005) and the racial issues between the colonizer and the colonized through the psychoanalysis of colonialism and post-colonialism. I will first give a synopsis of the film. Directed by Michael Haneke, Caché presents the story of a bourgeois, middle-aged French man, George, who receives anonymous tapes. This makes him recall his childhood memory of an Algerian boy, Majid. Majid’s parents worked in George’s house but died in the massacre on 17th Oct., 1961 when the French police killed more than 200 Algerians. After Majid lost his parents, George’s parents originally planned to adopt him. However, as George was the only child in his family, he was afraid of letting Majid enter the family. He set up a lie by saying his father wanted Majid to kill a rooster. George then claimed to his parents that Majid did this to scare him; therefore George’s parents sent Majid to an orphanage. About forty years later, George, who has grown up and become a famous TV talk show host, lives with his wife and son in the city. One day his wife, Anne, receives a videotape recording their current home for several hours. They receive even more tapes with different recordings and threatening drawings of an odd, curly haired little man and a rooster with its head cut off. George tries to find out who is behind this and finds Majid. He accuses Majid of sending him the tapes as a threat;…
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