Analysis Of The Film Coco

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There is a common phrase that says, “Every mind is its own world” and although it’s a short phrase it has a strong meaning. Sometimes the population is fast to judge someone that believes in something outside the “normal” common things. Every year around the world we have the opportunity to learn about the many different traditions that other countries practice. While those traditions might be different than what we are used to, every tradition plays a special role in their hearts. The film Coco (2017) was released a couple months ago and everyone was amazed by the message that it delivered. It shows the importance of appreciating other worldly traditions and being able to understand what it represents for them. Just like Halloween has become a tradition in the United States, El Dia de los Muertos is a tradition that is recognized and appreciated in Mexico. Every year during the first days of November, most families get together and build an altar for their beloved deceased family members. Appreciation is a characteristic trait that was definitely displayed in this film. Editing and Sound, Acting and Cinematography were three elements that really supported the message that the director intended to deliver. Whenever we watch a film we are amazed by the message that it delivered, but sometimes we forget to give credit to all the other elements that bring the film to life. Editing and Sound play the biggest role in every film and Coco really proved that to us. Miguel, who was the main character, had the desire to play the guitar and sing but his family did not permit it. Every year in the town where they lived at, they would have a concert for El dia de los Muertos and his dream was to participate in it. After a couple of minutes of arguing with his parents, he decides to run away. This scene is an excellent example of soviet montage because it connects two scenes to show the audience what is going on. By showing the different scenes of Miguel and his parents arguing, the audience is able to grasp an idea of what is going on. Many scenes later we were able to see another wonderful example of soviet montage. Whenever Miguel was in the land of the dead, there was a point where Ernesto de la Cruz, the
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