Analysis Of The Film Delicatessen

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1 . Introduction This is the author account of the film Delicatessen. This is a post-apocalyptic film set in France. Meat and food is very scarce in this dark period for the world. This film has everything from murder, sex, cannibalism to people living under the ground. 1.1 Methodology The author was giving the film Delicatessen and told to deconstruct the film and give the author's opinion on this strange film. The author watched the film a few times and read reviews online to learn about the director and main actors and actress that starred in Delicatessen. 2.1 Food is Currency There is no money in this post-apocalyptic film so meat, corn, lentils and even sex is used to pay for food. The people are using the barter system to trade by exchange of commodities rather than money. Food was more important than money, you need to eat to survive, and meat is the top commodity.The Kube brothers exchanged 2 bags of corn for nine hundred grams of shoulder meat. And when they argue this Clapet told the brothers you get what you always get. Lentils were seen as nothing as the taximan would not take lentils from Louison for his fair, instead he took his shoes, even though taxi broke down before and Louison had pushed the car for miles. 2.2 Troglodytes If you live underground you are regarded as being deliberately ignorant or old fashioned or even a hermit why would anyone want to live underground. However in this film it is safer to live underground than above it.The

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