Analysis Of The Film ' Ghost On The Shell '

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QUESTION: In the film ‘Ghost in the shell’, how effectively are the issues of the post human, technology and the body represented through character of Motoko.

Due to our never ending curiosity of the future of our society, the genre of Mecha and futurism always have been very abundant in not only movies, but also anime. Such movies inform us, the audience, of the dangers and impactful possibilities of technology in the future. Director Mamoru Oshii, takes us into a future society when cyborgs are blended into human society in his film, ghost in the shell. Through the use of symbolism and the point of view of the protagonist Motoko, who is a cyborg containing a human soul, we learn about the issues that post humans have to deal with understanding how cyborgs feel, their values and fear.

In a future where the creation of cyborgs is possible, identity becomes a big question in the post humans’ lives. Cyborgs can possess ghosts which are same as the soul/human consciousness. They are not just soulless puppets, but they lack a sense of personality as they are also not fully human. Motoko is constantly searching for her identity throughout the film and is unsure if she is human or just a puppet of human creation. In the beginning title sequence, we are shown the process of Motoko’s creation. The first shot displays a cyber brain being placed into the body. This hints that people can replace the body but the brain is most valuable as it holds important information and memories…
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