Analysis Of The Film ' Jesus Camp '

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Before I respond to the film “Jesus Camp”, I must confess that I am not a religious person. I do respect all religions although I wasn 't brought up in a religious way. I have been trying and living my life in the right way. The deeply religious people may ask how could you say that I have been living in the right way when I am not a religious person. My philosophy of living in the right way means that I have been treating people with respect and dignity. The key to treating people with respect and dignity is to treat them as you would like to be treated. , Therefore, the film “Jesus Camp” was quite surprising! Extremely religious, if you ask my opinion. Religious people may feel obnoxious about my response but this word came to my mind and the word that lingered there throughout the whole documentary. Honestly, I’ve always been uncomfortable with religion-especially with zealots who believe in their religion so enthusiastically that they don 't respect anyone who isn 't included in their little ideological congregation or don’t recognize any other religion. Furthermore, the arrogant thought that they are the only "chosen ones" selected personally by God who will survive throughout the end irritated me.
The camp founder of the Jesus Camp as well as Pastor Beckey 's psychopatical demonstration on the reason why believers, which are evangelicals, in this video, should be targeting innocent children were quite a shock and made me upset. “Because the wretched enemy, Islam are…

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