Analysis Of The Film ' Mona Lisa Smile '

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The movie Mona Lisa Smile takes place in a setting that would make a modern woman become incensed (Newell, 2003). The main character is a teacher that represents the brave, intelligent individuals that broke ground for women to pursue equality. In the movie she seems to light a spark in the minds of her students as highlighted by four young women enrolled in her art history class. The determination of a teacher to inspire students rather than succumbing to conformity is highly admirable, as is a student’s willingness to broaden their intellect. There were four different perspectives to this addition of a progressive professor after a lifetime of being groomed for marriage. Betty had a strong conviction of sticking with traditionalism. Giselle is the first to become intrigued with Watson. Connie was a passive character while Joan displayed inner conflict. Significant positive change cannot occur without an atrocity to shed light on the oblivious. Social Grooming Katherine Watson, the professor, was a woman who cared about knowledge. On her first day she was excited to start teaching her students something new but quickly learned a lesson herself. The students had already assumed that Watson was a single woman pursuing knowledge only because she was unwanted or undesirable to men, made clear by the demeaning way of questioning if she were a doctor. This illuminates the importance of matrimony over education. These girls have displayed foreclosure status (Sigelman & Rider,

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