Analysis Of The Film Mulan

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Disney’s movie Mulan is an animated musical-action film that was released in 1998. It is a story about a young Chinese woman who fails to carry out a Chinese women’s traditional duties of getting married. Thus, she embarks on a mission to save her weakened father from dying in the war and to save China from the Huns. Knowing that only men can join the army, she conceals her identity by dressing up as a man to fight for her country and bring honour to her family. With the help of her guardian spirit Mushuu and a lucky cricket she is able to defeat the Huns and bring peace to her country. While also falling in love with her army captain, General Li Shang. This Disney film is a feminist film that portrays and encourages that women can also be powerful and successful. The movie that tried to change and move away from the typical stereotypes of a women and her roles but ended up reinforcing those traditional stereotypes. While trying to break away from the female stereotypes, the film created scenes where gender stereotypes showed that males have more privileges over females. The film Mulan reinforces masculine and feminine stereotypes, shows how difficult changing stereotypical gender roles are and also portrays gender performativity which creates an ideology in the minds of young boys and girls. The movie unconsciously shapes and constrains the beliefs and behaviours of the audience. It creates a biased and one-sided perception of females and teaches children that women can
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